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Plugin Palooza Wrapup

Our third monthly meetup, Thursday, November 2, was a show & tell time of plugin sharing. Here’s a rundown:

  • NextGen Gallery • Fully-featured customizable photo gallery.
  • Commenting:
    • Highlighter • Allows readers to comment inline, keeping comments in context. Users can highlight a section of text and comment on that section.
    • CommentLuv • Commenting system that places a link to the commenters’ last blog post under their comment.
  • Sexy Bookmarks • Adds a social network sharing menu. Customizable, with a huge range of networks to choose from.
  • Woo Tumblog • Creates a Tumblr-like interface for WordPress for simple, quick posting.
  • PadPressed • Formats your site for iPad • $49
  • PayPal File Download • Sell from your site (so get started on that ebook!) and integrates with PayPal • $25
  • WP Envato • Display your recent items or popular items • $15
  • Coda • Edit CSS, HTML and PHP files locally or remotely — much faster than the Web interface. Mac only, but here’s a list of potentially comparable apps on the Windows platform. • $99

It was a great evening — our group was smaller but everyone participated and we got free cookies!

We’re still looking for a home; if you know of a place we can meet — preferably free — with wifi, let me know!

Upcoming topics:

  • Basic CSS with web designer Irina McGuire
  • Building Community with new member Cammy

November Meeting: PluginPalooza

WordPress Memphis pluginsOur November meeting will be at Panera Bread in east Memphis, Poplar Avenue and Grove Park. Panera has free wifi and you’re welcome to grab a bite to eat while we do our WordPress thing.

Not much of an agenda — it’ll be a plugin free-for-all. Bring a list of your favorite plugins to share and a website that shows them off. If you don’t have a favorite or you’re just getting into WordPress and not familiar with them, you can share something you’d like for your site to do and we’ll brainstorm together.

Also looking for presenters, so don’t make me call on you …

See you all Thursday – RSVP on the Meetup.com site.