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WordPress Plugins : A Sea of On-going Drop-in Technology

WordPress Plugins
Drop-in Technology

WordPress Plugins,… drop them in,.. turn them on,… and enjoy the added features of technology on your blog based website!

As we shared at the last meeting, Plugins will be the topic of the evening discussion. I signed up for Google’s service of receiving auto-emails, called Updates, and came across a straight up, and forward article on WordPress Plugins that shared some basics that might be needed for small businesses looking for that extra boost on their abilities to share and manage their blog based website.

I think this is a great short read for those looking to know more about the aspects of why we need plugins. You will clearly see that the names of the plugins describe their function and  why the are essential to managing and sharing your personal blog/ website or your company blog/ website.  check the article out on — ReadWriteBiz, sponsored by

As you view the comments at the bottom of the ReadWriteBiz article, you will notice other WordPress users sharing their favorites!

So pick out favorite, Plugin!  One you want to share because its so cool, or one that you want to know more about,…

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