Plugin Palooza Wrapup

Our third monthly meetup, Thursday, November 2, was a show & tell time of plugin sharing. Here’s a rundown:

  • NextGen Gallery • Fully-featured customizable photo gallery.
  • Commenting:
    • Highlighter • Allows readers to comment inline, keeping comments in context. Users can highlight a section of text and comment on that section.
    • CommentLuv • Commenting system that places a link to the commenters’ last blog post under their comment.
  • Sexy Bookmarks • Adds a social network sharing menu. Customizable, with a huge range of networks to choose from.
  • Woo Tumblog • Creates a Tumblr-like interface for WordPress for simple, quick posting.
  • PadPressed • Formats your site for iPad • $49
  • PayPal File Download • Sell from your site (so get started on that ebook!) and integrates with PayPal • $25
  • WP Envato • Display your recent items or popular items • $15
  • Coda • Edit CSS, HTML and PHP files locally or remotely — much faster than the Web interface. Mac only, but here’s a list of potentially comparable apps on the Windows platform. • $99

It was a great evening — our group was smaller but everyone participated and we got free cookies!

We’re still looking for a home; if you know of a place we can meet — preferably free — with wifi, let me know!

Upcoming topics:

  • Basic CSS with web designer Irina McGuire
  • Building Community with new member Cammy

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