December Meeting Wrapup: CSS Basics

Our December meeting, our fourth, was another home run. We met at Republic Coffee and heard a presentation on CSS Basics by graphic designer and developer Irina McGuire. She did a great job walking us through the ABCs of CSS and we all decided we’d like to hear more from her in the future.

We’ll start playing around with this site in March – we’ll have some hands-on time with WordPress and collaborate on the design, layout and theme for our site, so watch for info.

In addition to Irina’s excellent presentation, we heard from the real-life WordPress guru known as Otto, who knows just about everything there is to know about WordPress. Otto works directly with WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg and is responsible for the design of Matt’s blog, as well as contributions to the WordPress core. He gave us a preview of the goodness that will come with 3.1, including easy internal linking and Tumblr-like post formats.

I set up a Slideshare account for our group, where we can upload the presentations as we go along. Here’s Irina’s:

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